Founders Loft är ett community och inkubator som sitter i hjärtat Chalmers E-village. Här stöttar och utvecklar vi entreprenörer med mål att skapa bolag som ger nya och bättre förutsättningar för kunden, världen och samhället. Tillsammans hjälper vi varandra mot framgång. Med över 20 års erfarenhet och framtiden i sikte stöttar vi entreprenörer och bolag genom affärsutveckling mot internationell framgång. Inga andelskrav, full support och mycket hjärta.

Founders Loft is a co-working community and incubator with offices in Gothenburg for digital service companies where entrepreneurs meet, follow their dreams and build their companies. Together we help each other towards success. With over 20 years of experience and the future in sight, we support you and your company on the journey. No equity requirements, full support and a lot of heart.

what we do

with experience and commitment

We develop startups and entrepreneurs with ideas that have a digital connection to the core business. With our support, you are given the conditions to create a sustainable, world-class company. You get insights about your business plans to be able to take the company further. Together with our business developers, external advisors and experts as well as your entrepreneurial colleagues in the incubator program, you and your company are given the right conditions to grow and succeed.

we are looking for you

who has ambition & unique idea

We are looking for driven and committed entrepreneurs who want to take their companies and business ideas to the next level with us in our incubator. We see that you have an innovative digital business idea that is scalable and has the potential to reach an international market. Your company is younger than five years old. To apply, we also want you to have verified your business idea through, for example, contact with potential customers.


we offer

We are a committed incubator who has extensive experience of incubation. We do not take ownership shares and can therefore give you an impartial commitment. Your company is yours when you move in and yours when you move out, if you yourself have not chosen to bring in other co-owners. Together with other companies and with support from us and our network, our incubator companies have taken the step from small to large, from startups to established companies.

Objectives of the incubator process:

  • A service your customers love and pay for.
  • A scalable business model.
  • A pitch that communicates your value proposition.
  • A large network that has given you opportunities for education, travel, inspiration and knowledge lectures.
  • There is a sustainable team in place.
  • There is secured capital for continued development and expansion of the company..
  • There is an identified international market.
  • You are in a fantastic context of driven entrepreneurs with whom you debate experience and contacts.
  • There is a plan for how you will remain successful after life in the incubator.


We know that sometimes it takes money to take your business idea further, we help you do this in the best way. With us, you have the opportunity to apply for Vinnova verification funds that are financially unbound funds.

Co-working Space

I vår co-working space sitter du tillsammans med andra drivna bolag och entreprenörer i fräscha lokaler där ”allt” ingår, du bestämmer själv om du vill hyra flexibel plats, fast plats eller kanske ett helt kontor. 

Network and partners

Founders Loft är en naturlig del av Sveriges innovationssystem och samarbetar tätt med andra inkubatorer. Hos oss finns även attraktiva partnererbjudanden från både nationella och internationella samarbetspartners från. 


Community activities

På Founders Loft blir du en del av en kreativ arbetsmiljö, tillsammans gör vi varandra bättre genom inspirerande föreläsningar, ett VD-nätverk samt after works.


Allt handlar om vad du vill och behöver. På Founders Loft får du en dedikerad coach samt tillgång till ett nätverk av externa experter och coacher.

words from our companies

"Founders Loft for me is a fresh and central co-working space and community with sharp business development"

Daniel from Generation Waste

"A network of coaches and business developers who are competent and who have their heart in the right place and want the companies well."

Mårten from Flourish

"It is very valuable to be able to discuss their issues with the coaches at Founders Loft who have helped other companies with the same or similar issues before."

Cecilia from Health Makers

ready to take the next step?

Start the journey with us today. It all starts with a hello! Feel free to contact us if you have questions or are curious about how you and your idea can grow by becoming part of our incubator.