Are you thinking of a business idea but do not yet have the opportunity to work full time with the idea?
- Then you are welcome to apply to our digital pre-incubator. We guide you through eight steps and make your startup ready to pitch to our incubator program.

You get access to our fantastic community, the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with our business developers and access to the network of activities and knowledge that Founders Loft has access to.

Do you have an idea you think can make the world and conditions for customers better. Contact us and we will drive you in the right direction.


Application criteria

- We would like to see that you are more than one person to be able to reach full potential and have the strength to drive the idea all the way.

- The idea needs to be unique and should be able to reach markets across all values

- The idea creates changes in society that give us more sustainable conditions

FL pre-incubator offerings

- Contact customers and partners
- Market analysis and competition analysis
- Visualise the offer
- Focus on teams
- Develop a simple budget
- Focus on sustainability
- Pitch to Founders Loft Incubator program

Handling of personal data

Vera Sandbergs Allé 5b

Together, our companies sit in our newly renovated co-working space on Vera Sandbergs Allé 5b.