A warm welcome to Founders Loft, tell us a little about your exciting startup Emigreat and why  your service so important?  
EmiGreat is a relocation management software that enables migrants to manage their process on their own. When we started with the idea, we realized that the problem is connected to information inequality caused by reduced access to information. We are solving a problem for three stakeholders – Migrants, Companies, and Governments of which the migrant is the stakeholder most heavily affected by a negative outcome in the migration process.

Currently, the process of migration to Sweden is documentation-heavy, complex, and at best confusing. This causes migrants, companies, and governments to make mistakes. Even small mistakes can cause migrants devastating negative effects such as deportation causing mental, physical, and economical stress. In the long term, companies lose talent and productivity, societies lose inclusion & integration, and governments lose citizens’ trust. #kompetensutvisning

EmiGreat aims to alleviate the problem of information inequality by putting information in the hands of our users and empowering them to take charge of their migration journey in their new host country. We will do this by being a single digital portal that personalizes the migration process to each individual user’s needs and by connecting them with all the actors across different sectors relevant to their process, thus relieving the major pains of not only legitimate migrants but also companies and governments around the world.  

Who are you in the team behind Emigreat?

Our team consists of three Anali, Abhilash, and Liv Mari. We are very diverse and have a lot in common. We come from different parts of the world, have all lived in different places, have experienced the pains of moving to a new country, and believe in EmiGreat’s mission – Creating a simpler and more complete migration process for all.

Anali (co-founder): is a young entrepreneur focusing on social impact.  She has a Master’s degree in International Project Management from Chalmers. A generalist that advocates for EDIS (equality, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability). She is from the Dominican Republic but has been living in different countries for 7 years.

Abhilash (co-founder): a.k.a. Abhi is originally from India. Having moved to Sweden in 2009, he is now a Swedish citizen. He is an engineer by education, a marketer and communicator by trade, and a natural-born storyteller. He has a Master’s degree in Microtechnology from Chalmers. He lives by the values of Trust, Honesty, Respect, and Justice.

Liv Mari (tech lead): has worked in web development and product UI/UX design since her early twenties, and recently went back to university to study software engineering and management. She is now waiting to do her bachelor’s thesis next spring and is working on developing the Emigreat web application full-time in the meantime. Her personal reason for joining the Emigreat team comes from her experience with doing volunteer work within the Tibetan refugee community in India as well as growing up with a mum who does social work within the immigrant communities in Gothenburg.

What made you apply to the incubator?
We were looking for an incubator that could understand and had experience with tech services and social impact. When we found Founders Loft, we felt it was a perfect fit for us. We wanted a place where we could grow in a structured manner and the meeting with the business developers  Jessica and Manolo not only showed us that we were a match made in heaven but also that we would get exactly what we were hoping to find in an incubator.

What does your timeline look like in the next six months?
First and foremost we look forward to settling into Founders Loft and learning as much as we can. We have 5 phases to go through according to the Founders Loft program and our aim is to go through those phases in as good a way as we can. We wish to soak up as much knowledge and experience as we can from our time in the incubator. 

Our timeline in the next six months includes a fully functional prototype that we will test during Silicon Halli at Hallifornia, Varberg with potential users. We also aim to launch an MVP in Q3-4. We look forward to finalizing our business, revenue, and pricing models; setting up our KPIs and metrics, and raise our first round of investment.

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