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Fler än 150 bolag har startat sin resa i samarbete med oss. Här är de bolag som är hos oss just nu. 


Piffl är en delningsplattform för sport- och utomhusspel. Bolaget vill främja nyfikenhet, spontanitet och aktiv fritid genom att förenkla deltagandet i lekar, spel och idrott.




Substly, SMEs help save time and money by giving them better control over their subscription services.



Flourish is an HR / tech company. Their product, Flourish, is a chatbot for agile employee feedback. The product combines modern chatbot technology with the benefits of Saas.



Two2Talk är en social marknadsplats där människor bokar och genomför videosamtal om deras specifika intressen och hobbys.

”Ett Airbnb för intressanta samtal”.



We are a software company working to close the information gap between immigrants and locals, by providing migrants with the resources needed to thrive in a new country.

Our goal is to increase process efficiency for authorities and enable societal integration for migrants.


Salus Mea

Salus mea is the first certified security alarm for mobile phones that creates security both at home and outside. The goal is to use a modern consumer product that citizens already carry with them to create public health interventions. An individualized service that is based on prevention and can be changed through the different phases of aging



Employee merchandise on demand. 
Jaapi enables companies to launch their own merchandise store, ready to ship branded gear to anyone, anywhere, on-demand. Saving time, money and our planet. 



Time to Tell

– Säg det i ett ljudalbum.

We all have someone whose voice we miss. Stories we heard but do not really remember. A parent or older relative whose stories fade and are forgotten. I Time to Tell-appen är det enkelt att skapa det personliga ljudalbumet genom att samla ljudspår, paketera och dela med sig. Vi vill att alla, oavsett förutsättningar, ska kunna bevara sin historia.



Avidemic AB, operates and develops the product Avidnote, which is a web-based application that enables researchers to keep and organize research notes in a systematic way. The service enables users to annotate research literature digitally by linking uploaded articles with the user's own notes.


Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions skapar och utvärderar designförslag med hjälp av algoritmer. Script och ett webbaserat verktyg gör det möjligt att hitta fler hållbara och lönsamma lösningar på kortare tid.


Easy Education

Easy Education is a web-based study platform that offers students in post-secondary education direct access to smart and interactive course material. The platform gives students the opportunity, at a lower price, to collect and structure all their material, on one and the same platform, with a unified interface, while at the same time they are given the opportunity to study with their material through the platform's smart digital study tools.



Meela är en matchningstjänst mellan kvinnor och psykologer samt psykoterapeueter. Med hjälp av forskningsbaserade matchningsalgoritm så matchas kvinnor med deras bäst lämpade psykolog eller psykoterapeut, samt terapi-form.



We make super concentrated domestic and personal hygiene products that you dilute at home in a container of your choice.

Smart, We know.

Because who wants to ruin the climate and our nature by hauling single-use plastic containers around the globe, filled to 95% with water, when superkons powders give perfect cleaning results?  


Dear Circle

The first social marketplace for service recommendations. We believe that the service digitalization lays in our closest circle of friends and not in the overload of platforms. We believe that all companies should have the same marketing shot to show that they are the best independent of the marketing money they spend.

We believe that as products and services become too many and marketing campaigns grow, we will still trust our friends for advice because we trust them so we trust their recommendations. We believe TIVISSIMO will become a TRUSTED platform because our TRUSTED friends will be there!


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