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More than 145 companies have started their journey in collaboration with us. Here are the companies that are with us right now. 


Healthmakers Technologies builds communication solutions for healthcare. The platform makes digital care part of the patient's own care chain and at the same time increases the productivity and service level of the care providers.



Mindworkout is a gym for the brain. Mental training has long been used in elite sports and rehab, with good results. We now contribute to the business community using the opportunities to increase productivity, health and competitiveness with regular mental training. Mindworkout makes it easy for you and your staff to train the brain to sustainably high capacity.



Zenio is an IT company that develops its own product ideas. Right now they are developing the service "Flying Money" - a global Swish!


Docks App

The Docks App delivers a cloud-based platform that helps cruise lines to coordinate all logistics around itineraries, port calls and other planning for their vessels.



Substly, SMEs help save time and money by giving them better control over their subscription services.



Flourish is an HR / tech company. Their product, Flourish, is a chatbot for agile employee feedback. The product combines modern chatbot technology with the benefits of Saas.


Develop Connections

Develop Connections offers consulting services in concepts and business development, primarily for tourism entrepreneurs and public actors in the hospitality industry. They specialize in developing basic concepts that match what the market demands so that you can deliver attractive offers for your target group and take advantage of new opportunities.


Genneration Waste

Generation Waste is a sustainability company with the goal of helping hotels and restaurants work more climate-smart with their raw materials - from farm to fork. By offering creative solutions for a more sustainable and responsible handling of food waste, we help our customers work more climate-smart and economically.



Detecht develops an app-based automatic emergency alarm for motorcyclists. By analyzing the mobile's built-in sensors, Detecht can detect a motorcycle accident completely automatically. As the first personal sensor alarm with a direct connection to SOS Alarm, the company estimates that it will be able to reduce the time for the rescue operation by approx. 50%. In addition to the emergency alarm, the app contains a number of exciting functions to contribute to increased security, joy and community in connection with motorcycle riding.


Salus Mea

Salus mea is the first certified security alarm for mobile phones that creates security both at home and outside. The goal is to use a modern consumer product that citizens already carry with them to create public health interventions. An individualized service that is based on prevention and can be changed through the different phases of aging



Everyone who suffers from diabetes strives for good blood sugar. Most people find "food" complex. EasyWise is a digital platform for providing healthy food education. The platform is created by experts together with patients. The goal is to reach out with the necessary knowledge in a simpler way, by combining new and more attractive learning methods. Our vision is a digital service that delivers patient education with assured quality and with a learning style that captures more. 


Brandhunt is a fully optimized platform for consumption and sale of clothing. Our goal is to Brandhunt.se will be the first affiliate platform in Sweden that is completely created for clothes, shoes and accessories. The user is offered to both buy and sell new and used products in an easily accessible and secure way. Our main focus is not the price but the product in order to offer the more niche and unique range. The vision of Brandhunt is: an optimized product created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts that offers the better and wider range of brands, clothes, shoes and accessories in one place.


Time to Tell

– säg det i ett ljudalbum.

We all have someone whose voice we miss. Stories we heard but do not really remember. A parent or older relative whose stories fade and are forgotten.

I Time to Tell-appen är det enkelt att skapa det personliga ljudalbumet genom att samla ljudspår, paketera och dela med sig.

Vi vill att alla, oavsett förutsättningar, ska kunna bevara sin historia.



Jojnup matches you who want to find the dream job with you who want to find your dream colleague. By formatting the ads in the optimal way to consume information (based on human psychology), only presenting one option at a time based on smart data analysis and de-formalizing the recruitment process,
can we tackle the root of the challenge - it's not fun to look for a job or skills - with an intuitive solution
which to the user feels obvious.



Avidemic AB, operates and develops the product Avidnote, which is a web-based application that enables researchers to keep and organize research notes in a systematic way. The service enables users to annotate research literature digitally by linking uploaded articles with the user's own notes.


Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions creates and evaluates design proposals using algorithms. Script and a web-based tool make it possible to find more sustainable and profitable solutions in less time.

Easy Education

Easy Education is a web-based study platform that offers students in post-secondary education direct access to smart and interactive course material. The platform gives students the opportunity, at a lower price, to collect and structure all their material, on one and the same platform, with a unified interface, while at the same time they are given the opportunity to study with their material through the platform's smart digital study tools.

Nabla Analytics

Nabla Analytics has developed a SaaS service that will make it easier for traders to get updated and correct information about electricity prices. The aim is to make trading faster, more efficient and more accurate.

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