A warm welcome to Founders Loft, tell us a little about your exciting startup Sciple.ai
Thank you!
Sciple is a platform to enable scientists and researchers to find relevant content quickly without having to go through vast amounts of published research articles. Only in the life sciences there is an article published every minute and there are more than two million articles published every year. Staying on top of this information without missing on key information is vital to perform innovative breakthrough research. Using NLP and ML tools we have built a platform where you can visualize relevant content, discover new knowledge and share it with your colleagues in a simple yet powerful way. With this platform we aim to speed up the pace of discovery in research organizations and the knowledge-intensive sector to rapidly change the way knowledge is being consumed.

Who are you in the team behind Sciple.ai?
Leading Sciple is Rajiv Harimoorthy and Mikael Backlund who come from different backgrounds but compliment each other with their skills. Rajiv has a scientific background with a Ph.D in Biochemistry and understands the problem first-hand while Mikael has years of experience working in the software industry as a tech lead and solution architect. Having come from different backgrounds, what united them was the problem they both experienced previously, albeit in different industries which lead to founding Sciple.

What made you apply to the incubator?
What motivated us to apply was the expertise Founders Loft had in helping companies with a similar profile and the chance to be part of a community with other start-ups going through a similar journey. Our impression of Founders Loft has been that it is a community driven organization providing mentorship and support during a crucial phase of the start-up journey without profit in mind. By joining Founders Loft we would also get access to the vast network of people and learn from their prior experiences to help the company succeed.

What are your next steps with Sciple.ai?
Our next step with Sciple is to introduce Sciple to new customers and expand our user base in the coming few months. On the product side, we plan to add new features to the platform and improve our ML-models.