We have some exciting news to share! At Founders Loft we are always looking for new ways to help our startups to succeed. 

When we go out there to find new partners, we look for 3 particular aspects:

  1. Are they excellent?
  2. Are they committed to positive societal impact?
  3. Are they with us for the long term?

Since the startups that we work with are tech-oriented, we thought it made sense to find a company that could provide a service to build world-class digital products for them.

So here we are: Presenting our partnership with Beetroot! An incredible social enterprise based in Ukraine with a mission to become Ukraine’s most sustainably impactful tech company!

All company’s in the Founders Loft community have access to special rates, so they can also go out there and have a positive impact in the world!

Learn more about Beetroot here: https://beetroot.co/about-us/

Success Together.